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General (13)
Questions about buying prescription drugs online. Here you'll find out how to order, safety issues, payment methods vs price, currency issues and we cover issues and questions surrounding the online order process and order tracking.

        Shipping (2)
Questions about shipping destinations (Country and State). Many of the questions we receive relate to shipping destinations, who ships which prescription drug where etc. and how long it takes

Impotence (9)
Questions about the impotence treatments including Viagra. Everyone's heard of Viagra, but we still receive many questions about this drug and the other alternative impotence treatments such as sidenafil citrate Soft Tabs and Uprima.
        Weight Loss Drugs (15)
Questions about weight loss drugs - All you ever wanted to know about buying prescription weight loss drugs online phentermine, adipex, xenical, meridia, tenuate, bontril, ionamin, xenadrine, duramine. We explore the differences, availability and diet pill combinations.