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Impotence Treatments

Male impotence, the inability to achieve and sustain an erection sufficient for penetration. In our culture, men who cannot "perform," for whatever reason, often feel "diminished," so when difficulties arise, rather than seeking medical help, they conceal and they suffer.

"Suffering in silence" is never a good idea. Many conditions can cause impotence, and "playing hero" can delay needed medical intervention. It can also wreak havoc with a relationship! If you're facing this, talk to your doctor, or find a specialist (ideally a urologist who specializes in male sexual dysfunction). It's not hopeless! Although more than 50% of diabetic men may experience this complication, new and more effective impotence treatments are constantly coming on line.

final FDA approval of Pharmacia/Upjohn's Caverject, both for penile injection and in the VIVUS, Inc. Muse System (a non-invasive medication dispenser that fits directly into the urethra). Schwarz Pharma's Edex is a similar medication, FDA approved in 1997; and Harvard Scientific's LLPGE1, now in FDA Phase II trials, will be similar to the MUSE System.

A number of topical and oral impotence medications are being tested at this time, by researchers in the U.S., England, Europe, Mexico, and Israel. Some are in Phase II or Phase III trials, and may be on the pharmacy shelf shortly. Oral treatments for impotence are now available having been approved by the FDA.

It is worth noting that testosterone, male hormone, topical or by injection, is of extremely limited use in cases of physically-caused impotence, such as follows diabetes.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, diabetogenic or otherwise, talk to your doctor! There are many alternatives to suffering in silence, and the odds that your particular difficulties can be resolved are extremely good.