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FAMVIR® (famciclovir) is an antiviral medicine that may help relieve all symptoms of genital herpes and help herpes sores heal faster.

How FAMVIR works

When you take FAMVIR, it is absorbed into your bloodstream, and then converted into another drug called penciclovir. A virus infects the cells and begins to multiply over and over again, making new viruses. Penciclovir stops the herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 from multiplying, which may reduce the symptoms of the outbreak and helps sores to heal faster.

Side Effects

The most common side effects reported in people taking FAMVIR are headache, diarrhea, and nausea. FAMVIR has not been proven to be effective for the treatment of an initial outbreak of genital herpes infection.

If you have impaired kidney function, your doctor will determine the appropriate dose for you. The safety and efficacy of FAMVIR therapy beyond 1 year of treatment have not been established.